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Affairs Opportunities


More than 30 MILLIONS of potential!!

There is a huge potential in the commercial, recreation and tourism area. Each commercial area has their own characteristics.

Recreational tourism

There is multiple potential on the recreational and entertainment plan. With its downtown on the waterfront, numerous business opportunities are available for creative urban projects.

  • Indisde family entertainment center
  • Atypical resort
  • Hostel
  • Boat rental, repair and maintenance
  • Services for boaters

Clothing, shoes for women and men

  • Estimated demand value: Over $ 10 million.
  • Welcoming investments in: shops and banners offering mid-range quality products, distinguished products available in major chains and cheap products available in upscale boutiques.
  • Target audience: Young adults


Estimated demand value: Nearly $ 3 million.

Mixed beauty salons (spa, hair salons for men)

Estimated demand value: $ 2.5 million.

Specialty food stores: butchers, greengrocers, health food

Estimated demand value: $ 10 million.


  • General cuisine, mid-range or gourmet, with a liquor license
  • With terrace near the water. Exemple : Brewery, Irish pub, steakhouse, market cuisine, Californien bistro bar. Except fast food that is already well represented.