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Areas of development


Salaberry-de-Valleyfield has identified four (4) main areas of developments that represents important opportunities and encourage networking among existing industries.



  • 27 companies - 1,165 jobs
  • Custom metal - No dominant regional players in the sectors of metal sub-sectors of architectural pieces, metal beam (NAICS 3323) and machine shops (NAICS 3327) focusing on high complex parts value added (R & D and design), which suggests a potential for economic development for the city.
  • Manufacturing -Opportunités machines residing in obtaining contracts for outsourcing with major machinery manufacturers generally directed towards the development and marketing, not manufacturing (pressure machine, lawn mower, generator).

Environment and recycling

  • 10 companies - 152 jobs
  • Pole emerging - municipal and private initiatives vanguard
  • One of the main sectors of the environment is waste management, which includes recycling component, an area where City's economic development takes place. This sector represents over 55% of the entire market of the local environment.
  • The various sectors that experienced the highest growth rates: chemical equipment, prevention technology, resource recovery and clean energy.

Check PADD-E, sustainable development and environmental action plan of the City of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.

Transport, intermodality and logistics

Value-added transport services

  • Importance of positioning within the logistics hub of Quebec
  • Presence of the Port of Valleyfield and motorway networks (20, 30 and 40)
  • Proximity to markets - Canada and United States
  • Target activities include the following areas: virtual third party, fourth and fifth parts parts logistics providers (4PL and 5 PL) consulting firms in the management of the supply chain, logistics management to fleet management and management of logistics information systems.